Cloudy public software repositories

Welcome to Cloudy repo, the Guifi Community Distro Software Repository!

Currently building the cloudy public Debian packages repository for the Guifi-Community-Distro (cloudy).

The Guifi-Community-Distro is a Debian software distribution made from the community to the community.

Includes and will be joined with the distro, guinux. Community Network website

Clommunity project main page


We base our work in a Debian GNU/Linux Wheezy (Debian 7), released in 2013, this is now the stable release.

Requires a Wheezy installation if you plan to install it directly from repositories.

Testing branch is based on Debian GNU/Linux Jessie (Debian 8)


For adding the general repository key to allow the repository to install packages, run as root:

Update 2014-05-14: Now the main signing key for the repository is A59C5DC8 for a general signing key for the repositories.

apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys A59C5DC8

This key is the "Clommunity Guifi" for signing the repository.

Fingerprint is: C7C2 94DD 2512 9E9D CDFA 69A9 D246 F495 A59C 5DC8


For adding this package repositories, you have to add the package sources to your package repositories list. For example, you can create a new file as

and add the next content to the file:
deb stable/
deb testing/
deb unstable/
We are working with the unstable branch. Use the previous unstable package URL line and if you're a developer, please upload to unstable in first place.

Other actions

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Disclaimer: This is experimental and under active development. Use at your own risk.